Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Rooms

  The Rooms is Newfoundland’s provincial museum. We always visit the official state and provincial museums because they usually give a good overview of the history of the region however this one is disappointing. Newfoundland has a unique history but the museum displays flow poorly and have little substance. Much of the museum is a large atrium which allows great views of the city but wastes a lot of space. Labeling for many of the exhibits is on computer screens and in little booklets with just a few words of explanation.

  The museum is fairly accessible but the computer screens are at a height that is hard to view from a seated position. Some of the articles in display cabinets are too high to view easily. The lift to access the upper level of the forth floor can only be operated by museum staff.

  The parking lot is fairly large. There are a few long RV spaces. The accessible spaces are long enough for small RVs. St. Johns streets are not laid out in a grid plus they’re very steep and narrow which may making navigating a large vehicle difficult.  Museum
47.56572, -52.7129

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