Monday, August 11, 2014

Port au Choix National Historic Site

  Excavations begun in 1967 uncovered evidence of four different cultural groups who lived along the coast, fishing and hunting sea animals, each group moving on as the climate changed with another group taking their place. The visitor center has a short film, artifacts, and exhibits explaining the differences between the cultures. Follow  trails to the dwelling sites.

  The visitor center is accessible. The trails are loose gravel so they’re not very accessible.

  The parking lot is large enough for RVs.   Site
50.69714, -57.38108


  1. I certainly hope you're enjoying Newfoundland, even though not all of the places are wheelchair accessible. Don't let it get you down. Hopefully it's worth the effort none the less.
    One day I'll get to "da Rock". It sure looks like beautiful country.

    1. Thanks for commenting Bob! It's definitely worth the effort. It's a long trip to get this far north and many places are not accessible but the scenery is gorgeous and the history is fascinating. We're really enjoying it!