Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gros Morne National Park

   Gros Morne was established in 1973 to protect a unique geologic environment produced by the the collision of tectonic plates several hundred million years ago. The interior  of the park is wilderness that can only be accessed by backpacking, cross country skiing or snowmobiling so most visitors see the park is by driving the two access roads and taking short hikes.  One road travels through the Tablelands, a range of flat topped mountains with little vegetation due to the composition of the rock which is very low in calcium, very high in magnesium, and has toxic amounts of heavy metals. The other road follows along the coast.         051
  While there are many trails suitable for short day treks none are really accessible. A short section of the Berry Head Pond Trail is boardwalk and accessible.  The parking lot is large enough for RVs but may be tight if you need to turn around.
  The Discovery Center with geology and natural history exhibits is accessible. The parking lot is small but there’s an addition gravel lot where RVs will fit.n
   Broom Point Fishing Premises  has a small handicapped parking lot but getting to the site involves traveling over a rocky road. The bottom floor of the shed is accessible. The house has steps and no ramp.
  A short paved path at Lobster Cove leads to the base of the lighthouse. Several interpretive signs are located along the path. There’s a small, covered exhibit area with photographs but the entrance has a high step. The parking lot gets crowded so RVs may not fit.
  The visitor center has few exhibits but it’s a good place to stop for maps and information. The second lot has spaces where RVs will fit. Park
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