Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden

  The cultivated section of the gardens covers a small area of the property and includes many different carefully tended specialty gardens. The rest is kept in a natural state with about three miles of well maintained walking trails that travel through wetlands, forests and barrens. Buy a bag of duck food and cause a  feeding frenzy. :-)
  The trails all lead downhill from the garden center. One of the trails has switchbacks to lessen the grade but most wheelchair users will still need to have some help. Some of the gardens have paths that are too narrow for wheelchairs.  The Yetman Trail has steps. We walked/rolled along the Main Trail and the Owens Trail. Part of the Main Trail is steep but can be avoided by using the trails through the gardens. The Owens Trail is part boardwalk and part hard packed, crushed stone – easy to roll along. We didn’t have enough time to check out the other trails.
  Small RVs will fit in the main lot. Larger RVs can park in the lot across the street.  Garden
47.57134, -52.75908

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