Monday, December 31, 2012

Trip Planning


  One of the benefits of fulltiming is our ability to travel whenever and wherever we desire or are needed with the added convenience and comfort of staying in our own little house. Most of the time the occasions are happy ones –weddings, parties, vacations or even lending a hand with remodeling projects, but we are also thankful to be able to spend extra time during sad events like my mom’s illness and passing.

  After almost a month of being stationary , we’re making plans to get back on the road which means that I’ve been studying our maps and looking at routes. We’re planning on heading west and visiting Quartzsite through Jan. and Feb. then driving along Route 66 from California to Chicago. If we meander along as slowly as we usually do, we’ll probably be in Chicago by September.

  One of my main resources, the state maps, are a work in progress but I’ve completed one for every state or province except Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and eastern Canada. I’ve also added a new link under the heading titled “More Maps” which includes links to other maps that help immensely with trip planning.

  So, whether you’re on the road now or are just dreaming of summer vacation, have a good time planning your trip!