Sunday, May 30, 2021

Martis Creek Campground

  Located just a few miles east of Truckee, this small campground is a great place to stay when visiting the town.  At highwater level the campground sits on the edge of the lake but since the dam, constructed in 1972 for flood control, wasn’t built on bedrock and is on a fault, the lake is kept at a minimum level.
  The campground is a single loop with 25 sites. The sites on the east side have good views of the mountains but they’re not level. The west side sites are level but without the view. All sites have a paved parking pad, picnic table, fire ring and a barbecue grill. Other amenities include vault toilets and potable water – no dump station.
The parking pads are wide enough to deploy a lift. The picnic table/grill areas are surfaced with loose gravel which makes rolling difficult. The parking area by the lake is rough and rocky.  Campground  39.32215, -120.12302

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Ross Meadow Boondocking

   The reward for enduring a mile of slowly bouncing through deep holes on a truly horrible road is this beautiful boondocking spot in the Wild and Scenic Feather River corridor.  As with all Wild and Scenic Rivers, this one is managed by a federal agency (the U.S. Forest Service) with all of the same rules and regulations.  Dispersed camping is permitted.

    We didn’t explore very far – just a few miles along the network of dirt roads – and found only three or four spots suitable for boondocking. Our camping spot was about 200’ from the railroad tracks. Trains are infrequent so it’s not a problem. Although we parked under the trees for shade, parking in the sun is also an option. The roads are great for hiking but, since the river is on the opposite side of the railroad tracks for the most part, getting down to the water isn’t easy. We went through a short tunnel to access a small backwater section that is dry at times.
   The ground is hard packed so rolling is fairly easy.  Most wheelchair users will need assistance to roll along the roads or to access the water views.
   Caution or high ground clearance is a must. I don’t recommend this spot for large RVs. Boondock  39.81549, -120.40687

Friday, May 21, 2021

Nevada Museum of Art

   The galleries in this small museum feature changing thematic exhibitions. The exhibitions when we visited ranged from Aboriginal Australian artwork to the arts and craft movement in England - interesting and enjoyable.

                              All four floors of the museum are accessible. A cafĂ© and gift shop are on the first floor, the galleries are on the second and third floors, and event venues and an overlook of the city are on the forth floor.

    We fit in the parking lot by backing in next to the walkway that connects the two sections of the lot. Large RVs can be parked on the street.   Museum  39.52072, -119.81329

Monday, May 17, 2021

Humboldt Wildlife Management Area

   The  wildlife management area is going through a dry spell and the level of the Humboldt Lake is low but it still attracts many species of waterfowl and other birds. We also saw animal trails and tortoise dens but no glimpses of the actual animals.

  The only spot designated for camping is a large gravel lot with a vault toilet. The area is pretty isolated so we were a little surprised to find a family tent camping and also a couple who arrived late and left early the next day but the lot is plenty large enough for multiple units.

  We walked/rolled from the camp area to the observation tower but the water was so low that there wasn’t  much of a view. We found one spot where it was possible to get close to the lake. The road is bumpy but accessible with assistance. The observation tower has a long ADA compliant ramp.
  There’s only one road through the management area. We came in the north entrance road which is in bad condition – bumpy but okay in dry weather, a mess in wet weather, Check the forecast before venturing down the road. We didn’t explore any farther than than a a few miles south of the camp area. Wildlife Area  40.04353, -118.59483

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Humboldt Museum

  An interesting collection of artifacts covering Native Americans, pioneer history, ethnic cultures, early cars, and many other subjects is on display in the exhibits in this small museum. Three buildings - a church, a store, and a house are located on the grounds along with a group of unrestored wagons and cars.
 The main museum is accessible with an elevator to the lower level where the grounds can be accessed. Loose gravel makes it difficult to maneuver on the grounds. It may be possible to drive into the lot and park close to the church which has a concrete pad and a ramp to the entrance. The house has steps only but the interior is accessible. The store was being refurbished when we visited and was not opened.

  A  gravel area next to the small main lot is large enough for any RV. Museum  40.97698, -117.74456

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Water Canyon Recreation Area

   We first stayed here in 2011. We like it so much that I’m writing about it again! All of the information from my first post is still accurate but I forgot to include the camping limit of three days which gives all the people who want to camp in the canyon a chance.

  This time we snagged a beautiful creek side site with lots of cottonwood trees. There are about ten sites along the canyon road. The canyon is narrow so expect some dust from the road.

   The first day we were in the middle of a Mormon cricket migration. They must have been recently hatched because they weren’t stopping to eat. They were just moving en masse across the road and through the campsites – so many that it was hard to walk with out stepping on them. They didn’t even let the creek stop them. They just jumped in and let the current carry them across or climbed on logs and continued their journey. After about a day and a half they were mostly gone. Water Canyon  40.92978, -117.6744

Thursday, May 6, 2021

US 93 Alternate Boondocking

  Wendover, Nevada was founded in the 1930s and 40’s as a border town to attract gamblers from Salt Lake City. A straight shot on the interstate means city dwellers can get there in less than two hours. Five major casinos with large parking lots provide plenty of room for overnighting by truckers and RVers.

  We wanted a quieter spot to hang out for a couple days so we headed south to BLM land. Since 63% of the land in Nevada is managed by the BLM the hardest part of boondocking is finding a good access road. We found a network of roads with very easy access and lots of possible boondocking spots for anyone who wants to explore especially if they have four wheel drive or ATVs to go up into the hills.

  We stayed close to the highway and while we had great views it’s probably not the best place to be on the weekends or holidays. Two areas close to where we camped are used for target practice and shooting off fireworks with piles of shotgun shells and other litter. Drive west on the washboard -but otherwise in good condition- gravel road for a quieter and more private spot.
The ground is soft so maneuvering a wheelchair is difficult. Boondocking  40.64803, -114.12373

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Clear Lake Wildlife Management Area

  Clear Lake is very shallow, mostly marsh with much of it completely dry. Even so we saw a lot of waterfowl. It was too cold and windy when we visited to do any exploring but most of the roads are closed to traffic so the hiking should be good.
The wildlife management area is surrounded by BLM land but I wasn’t sure about camping on management area itself. After a bit of a search I found this.

“Camping is permitted on all WMA’s, and unless posted otherwise, is limited to 14 days as noted in Rule R657-28-4(1)l. The Division reserves the right to change the length of camping stays if this action is needed to reach the goals and objectives of the habitat management plan. If the Division determines this is needed, changes in camping regulations will be posted on the WMA(s) where the change is implemented.”

  We camped in a pullout by one of the gated roads. There’s a much larger pull out about a mile farther east where any RV will fit. The gravel road from Route 257 to Clear Lake WMA is in very good condition.  Clear Lake  39.10411, -112.63705