Sunday, May 2, 2021

Clear Lake Wildlife Management Area

  Clear Lake is very shallow, mostly marsh with much of it completely dry. Even so we saw a lot of waterfowl. It was too cold and windy when we visited to do any exploring but most of the roads are closed to traffic so the hiking should be good.
The wildlife management area is surrounded by BLM land but I wasn’t sure about camping on management area itself. After a bit of a search I found this.

“Camping is permitted on all WMA’s, and unless posted otherwise, is limited to 14 days as noted in Rule R657-28-4(1)l. The Division reserves the right to change the length of camping stays if this action is needed to reach the goals and objectives of the habitat management plan. If the Division determines this is needed, changes in camping regulations will be posted on the WMA(s) where the change is implemented.”

  We camped in a pullout by one of the gated roads. There’s a much larger pull out about a mile farther east where any RV will fit. The gravel road from Route 257 to Clear Lake WMA is in very good condition.  Clear Lake  39.10411, -112.63705


  1. Well, you found another good site. Don't think we're going that route on our way home, but I'd go there if we were. How about bugs?

    1. No bugs that we noticed but it was windy so..?