Thursday, May 6, 2021

US 93 Alternate Boondocking

  Wendover, Nevada was founded in the 1930s and 40’s as a border town to attract gamblers from Salt Lake City. A straight shot on the interstate means city dwellers can get there in less than two hours. Five major casinos with large parking lots provide plenty of room for overnighting by truckers and RVers.

  We wanted a quieter spot to hang out for a couple days so we headed south to BLM land. Since 63% of the land in Nevada is managed by the BLM the hardest part of boondocking is finding a good access road. We found a network of roads with very easy access and lots of possible boondocking spots for anyone who wants to explore especially if they have four wheel drive or ATVs to go up into the hills.

  We stayed close to the highway and while we had great views it’s probably not the best place to be on the weekends or holidays. Two areas close to where we camped are used for target practice and shooting off fireworks with piles of shotgun shells and other litter. Drive west on the washboard -but otherwise in good condition- gravel road for a quieter and more private spot.
The ground is soft so maneuvering a wheelchair is difficult. Boondocking  40.64803, -114.12373


  1. I'm following (blog to blog) the little dots on your map, you folks are traveling!

    1. Yeah, we have a hard time staying still. :-D
      We're meeting family in California at the end of May so we're making our way over there.