Sunday, May 9, 2021

Water Canyon Recreation Area

   We first stayed here in 2011. We like it so much that I’m writing about it again! All of the information from my first post is still accurate but I forgot to include the camping limit of three days which gives all the people who want to camp in the canyon a chance.

  This time we snagged a beautiful creek side site with lots of cottonwood trees. There are about ten sites along the canyon road. The canyon is narrow so expect some dust from the road.

   The first day we were in the middle of a Mormon cricket migration. They must have been recently hatched because they weren’t stopping to eat. They were just moving en masse across the road and through the campsites – so many that it was hard to walk with out stepping on them. They didn’t even let the creek stop them. They just jumped in and let the current carry them across or climbed on logs and continued their journey. After about a day and a half they were mostly gone. Water Canyon  40.92978, -117.6744


  1. Since I apparently have no life, I just Googled "Mormon Cricket Recipes." You let a lot of good protein just hop away. There are many delicious ways to prepare crickets. You go first.