Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Ross Meadow Boondocking

   The reward for enduring a mile of slowly bouncing through deep holes on a truly horrible road is this beautiful boondocking spot in the Wild and Scenic Feather River corridor.  As with all Wild and Scenic Rivers, this one is managed by a federal agency (the U.S. Forest Service) with all of the same rules and regulations.  Dispersed camping is permitted.

    We didn’t explore very far – just a few miles along the network of dirt roads – and found only three or four spots suitable for boondocking. Our camping spot was about 200’ from the railroad tracks. Trains are infrequent so it’s not a problem. Although we parked under the trees for shade, parking in the sun is also an option. The roads are great for hiking but, since the river is on the opposite side of the railroad tracks for the most part, getting down to the water isn’t easy. We went through a short tunnel to access a small backwater section that is dry at times.
   The ground is hard packed so rolling is fairly easy.  Most wheelchair users will need assistance to roll along the roads or to access the water views.
   Caution or high ground clearance is a must. I don’t recommend this spot for large RVs. Boondock  39.81549, -120.40687