Sunday, August 28, 2011

Independence Mine State Historical Park

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   Built in the late 1930s, this mining town had a very short life. Gold mining was considered nonessential during WWII and then after the war it wasn’t very profitable. The mine closed completely in 1951. The mine manager’s house is a museum and visitor center. A paved trail with interpretive signs winds past bunkhouses, the mess hall, shop buildings, and then up the hill to the mine complex.

  The site is partially accessible. There are a few handicapped parking spaces close to the visitor center which are long enough for vans or small RVs. The visitor center has a couple of steps down to the museum section– no ramp. The trail around most of the site is fairly level and the signs are easy to read. The hill leading to the mine complex is very steep.

  The main parking lot is large enough for any RV but the road to the mine is steep and windy so people with large RVs may wish to leave them in Palmer.  Mine
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  1. That mine reminds me a bit of the Sumpter Dredge here in Oregon and all of the ghost towns and abandoned equipment scattered throughout the surrounding mountains.

  2. Sumpter Dredge is a neat site.It's been awhile since we visited-time for another visit,I think!

    A lot of Alaska is four wheel drive country.It looks like it would be fun to explore off the main roads. Who knows what you'd find!