Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Shoppes at Johnny Appleseed

Another unique Harvest Hosts site! This former apple orchard and furniture store now houses 55 local artists and vendors selling antiques, specialty foods, beautifully crafted pottery, handmade jewelry, stained glass, home decor, handmade soaps, and all kinds of other things. A café serving soups, sandwiches, and desserts is opened on the weekends. 
The Harvest Hosts site is on the gravel at the west end of the lot. Guest may use the seating area at the pond. We arrived too late to eat at the café but Erica offered us a quart of Italian wedding soup to go - very good! We also browsed through all of the shops and bought a handmade mug.

The grassy ground at the parking spot is hard packed but the route over the grass to the pond is uneven and sloped. The gravel in the lot is loose and hard to push through. The building is accessible except for one long and very steep ramp that leads to a few of the shops. Shoppes  42.8967, -75.77033