Thursday, September 22, 2022

Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard

The mill has a long history, starting in the mid-1860s when Hosea Williams pressed the first apples to make cider, some of which was fermented into hard cider. Williams also built a grist mill to grind corn and wheat, and a woodworking shop. The second owner, Linn Kane, continued making hard cider until the 1950s when competition from cheap beer forced him to close the mill. In 1962 Charlie and Barbara Michaels bought the mill property to convert it into their home and decided to renovate the mill too and start making cider again. Over the years they expanded to include a store and freshly prepared food. After 37 years of operation, the Michaels sold the mill to their son, Bill, and daughter-in-law, Brenda, who are the current owners.

The store is filled with all kinds of goodies - fresh apples, sweet and hard cider, fudge, aged cheddar cheese, canned goods, specialty foods, and gift items. The second floor has more gift items plus a chance to view the cider marking machinery and even watch the action if visiting in the fall. Exhibits explain the process. The restaurant is not full service. Order at the counter then take your food to one of the tables.

The grounds are accessible. The first floor of the store is accessible but the second floor where the cider tasting and the view of the cider making machinery are located is accessed by steps only. The deck overlooking the mill pond is accessible.
This is a Harvest Hosts location and the spot that is reserved for campers is great. The parking lot at the store is small so most people park in the large lot on the opposite side of Goose Street. The Harvest Hosts site is at the far south end of the large lot. It's a mowed grassy area with a picturesque red barn, picnic tables, and a wildflower meadow. We bought a container of lobster bisque and a hot pot roast sandwich meal which included a cup of sweet cider and a slice of apple pie. The sandwich and cider were delicious; the bisque was good but the pie was just okay. Mill  42.72307, -74.97828


  1. Of course -- another terrific HH location. I would've bought some yummy goodies, too. What a win-win!

    1. You would have had a hard time picking and choosing - so many good things to eat!