Monday, September 5, 2022

Saratoga National Historical Park

In 1777, two and a half years into the Revolutionary War, British general, John Burgoyne, led his army south from Canada to met up with two more British Armies near Albany, New York, with the aim of capturing the city, and cutting off the New England states from the rest of the states which were believed to be more loyal to the crown. Burgoyne's troops was stopped short of Albany by the Continental Army that had been building defensive works on the route to Albany. The two British Armies never arrived and Burgoyne's army became outnumbered as more troops joined the Continental Army. The armies clashed twice - on September 19 and October 7, 1777.  On October 8 the British Army, low on supplies and men, started a retreat to Canada but was surrounded by the Continental Army and forced to surrender on October 17th. This was the first time ever that a British Army surrendered and was a major incentive for the French to support the States by sending soldiers, donations, loans, military arms, and supplies. The victory by the Continental Army at Saratoga is considered a turning point in the war.
The park has a small museum, an 11 mile tour route with 10 stops, and the 4 1/4 mile Wilkinson Trail.
The museum is accessible but getting to it without a small vehicle is very difficult. The parking lot at the museum is tiny and is a handicapped only lot. All other vehicles should be parked in the main lot. From that lot the museum is accessed by stairs and a trail or a very steep road.  The 10 tour stops are being upgraded to meet universal standards for accessibility. Most were blocked off during our visit. The Wilkinson Trail is not accessible.
RVs will fit in the main parking lot if parked across the spaces. Park 43.01295, -73.64931


  1. So you'd drive from one stop to the next (10 stops), as opposed to walking? How about a bicycle, do you know? As a native New York state resident, I grew up knowing all this history ... even remember some of it! Never got to this national park, tho.

    1. The road would be great for biking. It's 11.5 miles so a little long for walking unless you have a lot of time.