Monday, September 26, 2022

All Things Oz Museum and Chittenago Creek Walk

The museum name says it all. The displays are full of memorabilia from every Oz movie, play, and book. Just one small area is dedicated to the original movie and author Frank Baum, who wrote14 Oz books, which may be a disappointment to some Oz fans. The museum location, Chittenago, New York, is Baum's hometown and also where the Oz-Stravaganza Festival is held. It's in it's 45th year and looks like great fun.

The museum is accessible except for one area that has a step up.
A large parking lot where any RV will fit is located a block south. The sidewalk is in good condition.The creek walk starts at the west end of the parking lot and is a short but nice 1/3 mile stroll through the forest. It's hard packed and accessible. Museum  43.04492, -75.86675

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