Sunday, August 7, 2022

Debanville's General Store & Cafe

Debanville's is a fairly new Harvest Hosts location and has limited hours but Harvest Hosts guests are welcome to stay any day of the week. We made sure to arrive on a day that they were open and in time to buy dinner because we like to support the businesses where we stay. Their menu includes pizza, sandwiches, breakfast items, and craft beer. We had a very good 12" pizza that feed both us us with a couple of slices leftover for lunch the next day. The store is stocked with general merchandise and gift items.

There are two places to park - under the trees with picnic tables on the side of the parking lot or a bit south on Route 102 in a long grassy pull through. We chose the pull through and recommend it. It's fairly level at the crest with a few trees for shade and privacy and a view of a meadow. To get there from the store you must drive south on 102 and under the railroad tracks. The tunnel has a height limit of 12' 6" so if your RV is higher than that plan on crossing the tracks and Connecticut River at Northumberland, New Hampshire and driving north on Route 102.

The store is accessible.

Any size RV will fit in either parking spot. Both have signs designating the parking area which are a big help because we are often left guessing about where we should be parking at Harvest Hosts sites. Store  44.75271, -71.63288

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  1. Love HH sites, and this appears to be a good one. We, too, like to support the businesses where we stay. Win-win!