Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Casino Pauma

  A row of long spaces and a large gravel lot are provided for RVs at Casino Pauma. Stays are limited to 72 hours. Check in and check out is required although no one seemed concerned about the check out requirement. The casino sits overlooking orange orchards and is a quiet place to spend the night.

Update 4/2019 - Sign up for players card is required for overnight stay.  $10.00 in free play and free buffet.

  The casino is fairly accessible with a short walk to the entrance from the RV parking.  Casino
33.32936, -116.99312


  1. Looks like a fairly nice place to stop. Wonder if there's hiking or biking nearby? Or is this where you could go if you're on the way from Point A to Point B? I assume it's boondocking.

  2. Yes, it's boondocking and mostly just a stop along the way. It was our escape from LA stop. The whole area belongs to small Indian tribes. I think there are four or more different tribes and each has a casino but not all of them allow overnight parking.

    You would enjoy hiking in Culp Valley which just a bit west of Borrego Springs. Your RV is probably too big to get into the campground but the boondockimg area east of Borrego Springs is a good spot.