Sunday, November 28, 2021

Thomas Stone National Historic Site

  At 33 years of age, Thomas Stone was the youngest  signer of the Declaration of Independent. He came from a wealthy family and was a lawyer when he bought the property now owned by the national park. Formerly a tobacco plantation, the land had been worked out but was still suitable for raising livestock, grain, fruits, and vegetables which were tended by 25- 35 slaves. The house that Stone had built in 1771 was in the family until 1936.

  The house is open for tours but during our visit it was closed due to coronavirus. The visitor center has a few exhibits. A couple of trails loop through the property and provide access to the outbuildings and tenant house.

  The visitor center is accessible. The trail to the house starts as a boardwalk but the majority of it is over lumpy, grassy ground which is tough to push through. The loop trails are also grassy and a hill south of the tenant house is extremely steep. I do not recommend trying the loop trails. There’s an accessible parking space at the house so driving to it may be an option. There’s ramp to one section of the house

The parking lot is large enough for any RV. Park  38.53027, -77.03588

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