Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Slave Quarters at Arlington House

  We visited Arlington Cemetery and Arlington House in 2015. Since then the Slave Quarters museum was updated and focuses on the families that lived in the two quarter buildings. Each building is divided into three units. The units are small but much nicer than average slave quarters because of their close proximity to the house. The slaves that lived in them were maids, cooks, carriage drivers, and other household workers.
The exhibits also tell the stories of the descendants of Martha Washington’s grandson, George Washington Parke Custis, who fathered a daughter with Arianna, one of his slaves. Several hundred people are descendants of their daughter, Maria.
  The paths around the house and the quarters have been paved, an upgrade from our previous visit, so it’s much more accessible. The property slopes up from the Potomac River. Be prepared for hilly terrain. Wheelchair users will need help from an energetic pusher. An easier option is to take the shuttle bus tour which is accessible and free to visitors with a handicap placard and also free for one companion. The shuttle stops at most of the major sites.

  Follow the signs for RV parking. We did not have to pay a parking fee this time which may have to do with coronavirus. Quarters  38.88127, -77.07288

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