Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Woodchipper used in Fargo Movie

  When if first appeared in theaters the movie Fargo wasn’t very popular with the residents of Fargo, North Dakota due to it’s dark humor and the way it poked fun at their accents and customs. It was actually set and filmed in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota but none of that stopped the city of Fargo from embracing the movie to the point of buying the woodchipper from a crew member and putting it on display at the visitor center.

  Now visitors have fun posing with the chipper and pretending to push a very unrealistic looking plastic leg into the chipper. Visitors are usually offered the use of another prop, a fur lined hat with ear flaps, but coronavirus put a stop to that for the time being. A small display case holds movie memorabilia. There’s another woodchipper outside that you can pose with if the visitor center is closed.

   The visitor center is accessible.

  The parking lot has long RV spots. Woodchipper  46.84971, -96.86023