Saturday, August 29, 2020

Belle Fourche NWR

   The wildlife refuge forms a wide border around 2/3 of the Belle Fourche Reservoir. Dispersed camping is permitted and the dozens of roads that branch off of the main roads lead to private, waterfront campsites. If you prefer the amenities of a campground Rocky Point Recreation Area is also part of the refuge.

   Since just wanted an overnight stop we chose to camp in an area close to the entrance of the refuge. We had a nice view of prairie grasses and a small stream flowing into the reservoir. Refuge 44.69707, -103.72607


  1. How was the bug situation, so close to so much water/wetlands?

    1. Not bad at all. We've been pretty lucky so far this year. Stay tuned though because we did run into swarms of mosquitoes a little farther down the road.