Monday, June 4, 2018

Harlin Museum


   Like most small town museums this one has many old items donated by local families but it also has a wonderful collection of charcoal drawings by Lennis  Broadfoot.


    Lennis Broadfoot roamed the Ozark hills as a child before leaving to pursue a career as an illustrator which eventually took him to California. He returned home in the 1930s to continue his first love – drawing character sketches of his friends and neighbors. As he drew, his subjects talked of their lives which he carefully noted.

   The sketches were published in a book in 1944.  The museum was fortunate to receive all of the originals which were donated by Broadfoot’s family after his death.


   The museum is minimally accessible. The basement level which has an assortment of stuff can be accessed from a door that opens to the parking lot. The first level, where the sketches are displayed has a ramp, but getting to it is difficult. There isn’t a paved walkway so accessing the ramp involves to push up a grassy hill. We were told that it’s okay to drive on the grass to the ramp.


    RVs will fit in the parking lot.  Museum  36.72668, -91.85495


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