Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bontragers RV Surplus


   Every little bit and piece that make up an RV are probably somewhere in the three large warehouses of Bontragers. There are screws, clips, tiny plastic pieces, wood and plastic trim pieces, doors, lights, paneling, cushions, fittings, plastic fenders, sinks, axles, and thousands of other parts They have a website and an ebay store but to really get an idea of the amount of items or to find a specific part you must visit the store. We found a no-longer-manufactured range hood with a monitor panel to replace ours which has some cosmetic damage but had no luck in our search for new switches for our fantastic fan. The prices are good too.


  Some of the aisles are a little narrow but most of the property is accessible.

  RV parking is on the opposite side of US 12. The highway can be busy so you may want to park in the store lot instead.  Bontragers   41.79707, -85.5892



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    1. I've read blogs and posts on forums of people who have built out their cargo trailers with parts from Bontragers. The parts run from 1/2 to 2/3 off of retail price so you can get some pretty good deals.