Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Greer Crossing Recreation Area


    All 19 sites in this small campground feature large areas of mowed grass surrounded by mature trees and low growing vegetation. They’re widely spaced for good privacy. The picnic area provides kayaking, canoeing, and fishing access to the Eleven Point National Scenic River. There’s also a hiking trail along the river that starts in the campground and a trail to Greer Spring from the parking area about 1 mile south on Route 19. A restored mill can be seen from the road but it’s only opened for special occasions.


   All of the sites have tables with extended tops, high sided fire rings, and low hooks on the lantern posts. The ground is hard packed so rolling is easy. The trails are not accessible.

  The sites are large enough for any RV. The parking area for the spring trail is large enough for small RVs.  Campground  36.79394, -91.32968


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