Saturday, April 1, 2017

Rio Salado Bike Path at Tempe Beach Park

   Most of the water from the Salt River is captured in four reservoirs before it reaches the Phoenix area. The last trickle is diverted into canals to supply drinking and irrigation water so a dry river bed meandering through the city is all that marks a once free flowing river. However in 1999, after years of planning, the city of Tempe brought some of the water back by filling a dammed section of the river bed to form a two mile lake.

  The lake provides a place for fishing and boating. A small park is available for picnics and events. A paved bike path follows along both sides of the lake and dry river bed for about 12 miles of total length. The Tempe Center of the Arts, located west of the park, hosts a wide range of performances. Many are free or very reasonable. Admission to the art gallery is free.

  The bike path is accessible. The Center for the Arts wasn’t opened the day that we visited  but I believe that it’s accessible.

  The parking lot at the park is small so park RVs in the large lot at the Center for the Arts.  Path   33.43226, -111.95067
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  1. Another very informative post. Very cool about the lake and bike path and Center for the Arts. I'd like to visit the area (as I mentioned before, only when it isn't HOT!).

    1. There's so much to do in the area but, you're right, you do not want to visit in the summer!!