Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fremont Street Murals

  75 degrees and sunny is hard to beat so we’ve been hanging out in Las Vegas enjoying the nice weather. We’ve spent most our time in downtown Vegas because it’s so low rent that even low rollers like us can get free nights at the RV park and free dinner vouchers. : – )

   Fremont Street has really taken off in the last few years. The main draw is the Fremont Street Experience. Previously everything stopped at the end of the canopy but now restaurants, bars, and shops continue for 3 or 4 more blocks. There are also many new murals, artwork, and refurbished neon signs along the street. Much of the artwork is created during the Life is Beautiful festival which will celebrate its fifth year in 2017.


  The sidewalks and curb cuts are in good condition.

   On–street parking averages $2.00 an hour. The Main Street Station RV Park is $21.00 a night and is within walking distance of everything.
 Casino  36.17559, -115.14213


  1. I used to live just down the street from Fremont Street. We had so much fun there. Wild times!!!

    1. I can imagine how wild it was! ;-D
      I'm really loving the changes to Fremont Street. It was really getting rundown but the energy is much more positive now!

  2. Boy, Fremont Street has really evolved into its own destination. I remember when it was just the place to go (downtown) to win some money! I didn't know about Main Street RV Park. Nice to know it's there, esp if it's hot and you need electric for A/C. Thanks!

    1. The RV park is kind of a hidden secret - not sure why but the casino does not promote it. It's not anywhere on their website. Don't expect much though. It's a parking lot type park but very inexpensive and super convenient to downtown.