Thursday, April 20, 2017

Peggy Sue’s Diner RV Parking

  The original diner was built in 1954 using railroad ties. Since 1987 it’s been owned by Peggy Sue and her husband Champ who expanded the diner to seat 300 people and house their collection of 1950s and Hollywood memorabilia. They also built a nice little park with ponds, shade trees, and dinosuar statues.


   We didn’t check out the memorabilia because most of it is in the dining rooms which were pretty busy when we visited. We did get ice cream at the soda fountain/gift shop which is stuffed with 1950s themed gifts and retro candy.

   Everything is accessible but some areas are cramped.

  This is a Harvest Hosts site but since everyone is welcome to stay overnight it’s not necessary to be a Harvest Hosts member. The parking lot is huge. We parked by the billboard at the very rear of the lot. It’s kind of noisy from interstate traffic.

Diner   34.9019, -116.88304



  1. We were looking at staying here (as HH members), but we missed our window of coolness ... now we'll have to wait till next year. You guys are the first ones that I've heard of to stop there. Didn't realize it was so big (or so close to the freeway). Thanks for the heads-up.

    1. I was surprised when I was reading over the information on their website and saw that it seats 300 people. We peeked in the restaurant and it looked small. Apparently it rambles a lot. Food must be good though judging by how busy it was!