Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mukluk Land

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  George and Beth Jacobs have gathered an assortment of Alaskan artifacts which are displayed rather haphazardly around their property. Construction equipment, old cars, huge generators, and other large pieces are located along paths outside. A few buildings hold an mixture of smaller things, like a doll collection and hundreds of soda cans, no two alike. The Jacobs are very friendly and can answer any question about each the piece in their collection.

  Mukluk Land is not very accessible. There is a ramp to the admissions building but it has a high threshold at the entrance door.The group of buildings housing the snack bar, restrooms, and doll collections has two ramps, a long porch and is all accessible. The main paths are covered with woodchips which makes pushing hard. Other areas don’t have paths and the grass is thick and the ground uneven.

  The parking lot is large enough for all RVs. Mukluk
   63.34204, -143.0804

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  1. So, what exactly was the story behind "Santa's Rocket ship" ? That place looks rather interesting, definitely something I'd want to stop and visit :).

  2. The Jacobs were down in the lower 48 and they saw it sitting in a junk yard and had to have it. They had it loaded on a flatbed and hauled up to Mukluk Land. It's in excellent shape and I think that it could be fixed to run again. They've been thinking about getting it running so that it could be used in parades but they're pretty old so that probably won't happen.

    It's one of the few things in Mukluk Land that doesn't have an Alaskan connection.

    You got me curious about it's former life so I looked it up -

  3. Thanks for the update on it, neat to see the whole rig :)