Tuesday, April 6, 2021

North of Joshua Tree BLM

  The campgrounds of Joshua Tree National Park fill fast so visitors often boondock on the BLM north and south of the park. The area to the north is a dry lake bed, barren and dusty, but quiet except on weekends when off-roaders arrive. The land to the west and south of the lake bed is private. Make sure that you are camped on public land.

  The second day of our stay was very windy but luckily we had parked close to the dried grass at the edge of the lake bed which kept the dust from blowing on us. If we stay here again we’ll probably park closer to the hills for protection from the wind and dust.

  Access is possible with any RV, however, the  roads have large potholes and are washboard. The lake bed itself is huge so there’s plenty of room to spread out.  Boondock  34.16776, -116.2218



  1. Hi tonyandkaren, I have been trying to find someone from the CRVL forum to contact. I am glad you have your covid shots. Several weeks ago I contacted Bob that people can find where to get the vaccine using the vaccinefinder.org site, but he never posted the link. Walmart Pahrump is on the list. I see many people are still randomly trying to find a place to go. Could you post the link to the forum. Thanks.

    1. Sure, I'll post it on the forums.
      Are you in Pahrump now?
      If you are know anyone who wants to get their shot, FEMA is giving shots at Petrack Park. First come, first serve. J&J
      Thursday, April 8th, 11 am to 7 pm
      Friday, April 9th, 7 am to 7 pm
      Saturday, April 10th, 7 am to 3 pm

  2. Funny thing happened, an hour after I made the previous post, rvwandering posted the link to the forum.

    I stayed home this winter, but have had my 2nd Moderna shot, so am making plans to travel now.

  3. So windy down there, even in Death Valley, we got nailed from a "dust devil" with windows open, so everything was covered in fine grime. Yuck! You going north soon?