Monday, April 12, 2021

Boondocking near Kelbaker Road–Mojave NP

  This is our second trip through Mohave National Preserve. When we visited in 2015, I thought that dispersed camping was not permitted in the preserve. I either read the information wrong or the rules have changed. Whichever it was, this trip of a scenic drive through the preserve was a good chance to try dispersed camping.

  My first choice was a dud. After bouncing down a dirt road for only 1/2 mile we came to deep wash that we didn’t want risk driving through. I didn’t have a second choice, just the recollection of seeing a scattering of sites on the preserve website. So off we went to try the next dirt road and there we found a beauty of a campsite – large, scenic, tolerably level, and with plenty of evidence that it was previously used, a requirement by preserve regulations.

  Scenes along Kelbaker Road from south to north. Dispersed Camping  35.24794, -115.89057


  1. How far off the freeway, do you know? Did you see others out there?

    1. Only about 10 miles from the freeway. We did see other people boondocking - some with jeeps enjoying the roads that we didn't want to go on with our motorhome. The dirt road that we took to get to our spot was in good condition and there was another camper about a mile farther down.