Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Wawatam Lighthouse & Huron Boardwalk

  The Wawatam Lighthouse was built as a functional lighthouse to attract attention to a Michigan welcome center on Interstate 75. When the center was remodeled the lighthouse wasn’t part of the plan so the city of St. Ignace bought it and reassembled it at the end of the old railroad pier. In 2006, after being certified by the U.S. Coast Guard, it became a  working lighthouse.

   A boardwalk extends to the base of the lighthouse which is not open to the public. Interpretive signs explain how railcars crossed the Strait of Mackinaw on a 338 foot ferry capable of carrying 28 railcars. After viewing the lighthouse follow the boardwalk north along the shoreline where there are more interpretive signs on the history of St. Ignace.

     The boardwalk is accessible. It’s not in the best condition and navigating across parking lots is necessary in several spots.
   The parking lot is large enough for any RV. Lighthouse  45.86441, -84.71805



  1. I'd imagine it's a nice time of the year to be around the UP...
    The next time I'm up that way I need to visit Mackinac Island.

    You're right by I-75, reminds me of the Jimmy Buffett album from 1979, "You had to be there" & the the line from one of the songs (God's own drunk & a fearless man...?) "went out for a pack of cigarettes' and the next thing you know I'm on I-75 headed for Florida!"

    Have fun!

    1. I'm a little late on posting. We were there in August which was a great time to be there.
      We really wanted to go to Mackinac Island but the crowded boats and a casual attitude on mask wearing had us too worried about the whole idea.

  2. We had fun spending the better part of a summer's day on Mackinac Island four years ago. We had our bikes with us then and circled the island. It was a lovely place to be. Too bad COVID stopped you guys. Maybe another time.