Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

    When storms brew over Lake Superior, the 80 mile stretch of shoreline between Munising, Michigan, and Whitefish Point  is especially treacherous. At least 200 ship have been lost trying to make safe passage through the waves and fog. The most famous is the Edmund Fitzgerald which sunk on November 10, 1975 killing all 29 men of the crew. The museum covers the story of the Edmund Fitzgerald plus the stories of eight other shipwrecks and the discoveries of their resting spots.

   A ticket to the museum includes 1861 Lightkeeper’s Quarters & Exhibits, 1923 Surfboat House & Exhibits, and a twenty minute video - not shown due to coronavirus. There’s an extra charge to climb to the top of the lighthouse which was also closed due to coronavirus. A short boardwalk leads to a deck with access to the beach. Another boardwalk leads to a beach covered in thousands of colorful rounded stones.
  The museum complex is not completely accessible. The walkway to the main museum is steep and there’s a lip at the threshold. The interior is accessible. The Surfboat House has a short ramp and a door that opens outward making entering awkward. The interior is accessible. The Lightkeeper’s Quarters has steps and is not accessible. The boardwalks are accessible. The gift shop is accessible. A discount is given to visitors who use wheelchairs.
  RV parking is in a sandy lot about 400’ before the main lot. If it’s not busy short RVs can be parked in the main lot. Museum  46.77001, -84.95866



  1. Aha, we missed this one. Now I know we have to return to Michigan! Great find, you guys!

    1. We have to return too! We missed a lot of things.