Monday, September 9, 2013

More Rocky Mountain NP

  We returned to the park to see the section that we missed on our last visit.  Our main objective was to roll/walk along the short trails around Bear Lake and Sprague Lake. Both are accessible to a point.
The trail around Sprague Lake is 1/2 mile long and it would have been very nice if it had been properly maintained. When we visited there were many large, muddy puddles extending across the width of the trail.
  Sprague Lake Trail also has a short spur that leads to an accessible tent camping site. I’ve wanted to visit this site for awhile so we headed down the trail. The site is disappointing – not well maintained and missing an elevated tent platform.
  Bear Lake trail is a beautiful, very popular, .06 mile long trail. It has some steep sections but it can be completed with an energetic helper. A map at the beginning of the trail gives details on the steep sections.
  Most of the campsites in the park are still reserved especially on the weekends but as the season winds down it’s possible to find empty sites. We stayed for one night at Moraine Park Campground. The accessible sites are not very level but they’re close to the restrooms and have fire rings with high sides and tables with overhangs.
The park service has a free shuttle to cut down on traffic along Bear Lake Road. The parking lot is located across from the Glacier Basin Campground. The sign along the road directs RVs and trailers to this lot and warns about narrow, winding roads but does not prohibit RVs and trailers on the road. We drove it without any problems but the parking lots at the lakes will fill at busy times and they do not have RV spaces.  Park
40.36601, -105.55723


  1. Are you two safe with all that rain and flooding in the area???? Just a bit concerned here....--dave

  2. Thanks for worrying about us. :-) We're down in Castle Rock south of Denver. It's wet here but no flooding. It's keeping us inside and stationary because so many roads are closed. Not like us at all so we're getting a little restless!

    Friends of ours are stuck up in Nederland which is west up the mountain from Boulder. No way to get off that mountain at the moment but at least they're safe.

    1. Oh thank God! As the saying goes...this too shall pass. Be safe, will be thinking about your friends too. Dave (Marcia and Bubba and Skruffy)