Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chili and Frijoles Festival

   Everything chili! Fire roasted chilies, chili ristras, many varieties of fresh chilies and even chili cinnamon buns. The frijoles were largely absent or else we didn’t look in the right places because all we found were packages of powdered refried beans. This is a pretty typical festival with many booths selling food and craft items. Entertainment is continuous throughout the day at five different locations. There’s a small fee ($2.00) to enter the grounds.
  The festival is held in the street along five blocks of Union Street so pushing around is easy but it gets very crowded by early evening.
   A handicapped parking lot is located at the corner of Greenwood Street and Victoria Ave. but it fills fast so arrive early to get a spot. We came into town from the north and parked along the street. The sidewalks and curb cuts in this section of town are in bad condition. Parking along the street or in lots east of Union Street may be better.  Festival
38.26573, -104.61189


  1. I love Chili especially if it goes down with a beer.
    Great shots

  2. Thanks for the comments Bob and Danny! This was a fun festival. We especially enjoyed the ethnic dances.