Wednesday, September 25, 2013

East Plum Creek Trail

   Plum Creek meanders along through a little valley with willow, aspen and cottonwood trees, grassy meadows and wild flowers. It feels like a wilderness area because most of the surrounding development isn’t visible from the trail.The noise from the highway does dispel that notion to some extent.

  The trail is smooth, wide concrete in very good condition. It’s mostly level with some gentle grades and a few steep spots.

  We parked at the trailhead lot on Meadows Parkway. The lot is large enough for vans and small RVs but the access trail is very steep. Parking at one of the other access points might be better.  Trail
39.40615, -104.87714


  1. Include trails in that book. I'm not kidding, I think you could do it with the info you already have. I can see the title now "Hike to the Museum".

  2. Thank you -lol! We've certainly been enjoying all the things to do in Colorado. We're heading back to Pennsylvania (doctors, truck inspection, etc.) so we'll be zipping through the states a little faster than usual. On to Kansas!