Monday, May 27, 2024

Parker Pioneer Homestead

 Four generations of Parkers have collected buildings, trucks, tractors, signs, farm equipment, and a huge amount of miscellaneous antiques and old stuff. They recreated a small country town situated around a grassy meadow where events are held several times a year. Some of the cabins can be rented and the Homestead is also available for special events. While we were there a guided photography group was wandering around the village. 

We were at the Homestead for a Harvest Hosts stay but we weren't sure what to expect because the Homestead website is a bit skimpy on information. The hosts prefers to communicate through email and I missed one email requesting that we park in a different spot to avoid accidentally hitting some low hanging lights. We had noticed the string of lights so all was well. The host never came over to introduce himself and there wasn't anything to buy which we like do as a thank you. It's a quiet and pretty place to stay and we spent and hour or so looking at the buildings and old farm equipment. None of the buildings were open.

The roads are hard packed so rolling is fairly easy. The store is the only building that has a ramp although it's not a very good ramp. 

Harvest Hosts guests park on the meadow in the middle of the Homestead.  There's a directional sign on Route 1 and another on the road to the Homestead. It's only about 1/4  mile off of Route 1. Homestead  35.4819, -90.73127


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    1. You never know what you going to get at a Harvest Hosts site - part of the fun! :)