Monday, May 20, 2024

Delaware Park Campground with a Ghost Loop

 At one time this was a Corp of Engineers park. A few of the signs are still up but it's now managed by a non-profit group called the Friends of Delaware Park.  I can't find any information about when or why the COE abandoned it but I'm glad that someone stepped in because it's a nice place. It's only $5.00 a night. We found the fee box and tried to pay however there were no fee envelopes. Not a big deal. We would have used one of our own envelopes but as soon as we got near the box a wasp flew right at us and we noticed that wasps were going in and out of the slot. He was guarding their home! 

We found a great site by going to the right where the road split. There's only one site on that section of road. The site is surrounded by trees with plenty of open space and it's right on the lake.The recent storms had made the lake level high and muddied the water. 
There aren't any more sites until the roads join together again. About a dozen sites are strung out along the lake. The road dead ends in a turn around loop with a few more sites in a meadow and on the hillside. This campground is primitive so amenities are few but it does have tables, a porta pottie, and possibly drinking water. We noticed a faucet but didn't check to see if it was functional. 
The sites are not accessible but the ground is hard packed so rolling is fairly easy. Many of the tables are on concrete slabs or surrounded by 4x4 lumber making them unusable.

We ducked under the barrier and took a walk on the closed loop. It's been closed for a long time! But there are still tables and restrooms hidden in the overgrowth. It's kind of eerie. 😮 Campground  35.29728, -93.27679

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