Monday, November 27, 2023

Vidalia Onion Museum

 Farmers started growing onions in Vidalia, Georgia in the 1930s and discovered that their onions were sweeter than onions grown elsewhere due to the low amount of sulfur in the soil, the mild climate, and the perfect amount of rain. The onions became so popular that growers in other parts of the country became labeling their sweet onions as Vidalias but in the 1980s state and federal laws were passed so that only onions grown in 20 counties in Georgia may be labeled as Vidalias.  They don't store well and can only be bought from April to September. 

 The museum is very small but has nicely done exhibits.

 Everything is accessible.

RVs will fit in the lot if backed up over the grass or parked lengthwise across the spaces. Museum  32.20427, -82.3705



  1. Be great if they handed out a free bag of Vidalia's! Or even one. We can't get them out here in the West.

    1. I was hoping for some Vidalias but the season is over and they're all gone. :(