Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The World's Largest Popcorn Ball

In 1995 35 Sac City residents created a 2,225 pound ball of corn syrup, sugar and popcorn as an attraction for the county fair. After the fair it appeared in parades around the state and then found a home at the Noble Popcorn plant. By 1997 the popcorn ball was moldy and had to be destroyed. A second attempt in 2004 resulted in a 3,100-pound ball which was displayed at the fair and later used as animal feed. The third ball, constructed in 2009 was 5,000-pounds, and displayed in a specially made shed for 7 years but in 2013, the Indiana State Fair built a 6,510-pound ball of popcorn. Sac City no longer had the world's largest popcorn ball! Something had to be done. In 2016 a reinforced, plastic  bowl was built to cradle the 4th popcorn ball which weighs 9,370. In my opinion having the popcorn ball in a bowl should disqualify it from the popcorn ball contest but don't tell that to Sac City. ;) 

The popcorn ball is on display on Main Street in a building with windows on three sides so that you can get a good view. Photos show the popcorn ball construction process. In addition the park behind the popcorn ball has a grouping on buildings forming a little village. There's also a museum on Main Street. The village and museums are open by appointment only. 

The glare on the plexiglass makes it hard to see the popcorn ball. There are a few displays (and mouse poop) on the floor of the building that can't be seen from a seated position. Paved paths connect the village buildings but I don't know if they or the museum are accessible. 
There is any parking at the popcorn ball. We parked in the lot of the old train depot on the opposite side of Main Street. There's also a grocery store parking lot a few block to the west where RVs will fit. Popcorn Ball  42.42262, -94.99996



  1. I think I'll wait to see how Indiana responds to the challenge before booking my flight to Iowa. I've been disappointed too many times by inferior giant popcorn balls to risk the heartbreak all over again.

    1. You don't know what you're missing!
      I wouldn't wait too long - the mice are getting fat. :D