Thursday, October 19, 2023

Montour Trail

The Montour Rail Trail follows the rail bed of a route that was primary used for hauling coal out of the many mines in the hills around Pittsburgh, Pa. It's 61.5 miles long and most of it is surfaced with crushed limestone but the section that we visited is paved with asphalt. We walked/rolled about 6 miles round trip, staying on the Arrowhead section when the Montour Trail veered off to join trails that go all the way to Washington DC. 

It's close to a busy road and goes through residential and commercial neighborhood but there are enough trees and shrubbery so most of that is blocked from view. We started from a parking lot that is accessed from Valley Brook Road. A short but steep section of trail leads to the main trail. By going south we went up a gradual incline and then had an easy return trip. The trail is wide and smooth with just a bit of unevenness where it joins an overpass.

The parking lot is large enough for any vehicle. Trail  40.28531, -80.099 

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  1. We love old rail-beds that are turned into trails. You found a good one.