Monday, September 18, 2023

Bowring Ranch State Historical Park

Both Arthur and Eve Bowring were active in politics. Arthur served a term in the Nebraska State Senate and another term in the Nebraska House of Representatives. Eve was US Senator for six months when she was appointed to fill a vacancy. But their real love was the ranch that Arthur homesteaded in 1894. Eve continued to run the ranch after Arthur's death in 1944. Upon her death in 1985 the property was donated to the state of Nebraska to preserve the history of Sandhill ranching in a park setting.

The site has a small museum with exhibits on the Bowrings, homesteading, ranching, and native wildlife. Guided tours of the family home and a replicated sod house are usually available but the house is undergoing restoration so tours have been discontinued until the work is completed. 

This park has the same fee structure as Fort Robinson State Park which we visited earlier. With the high daily entrance fee and the additional museum/tour fee, we did not think it is worth the price. The fees were waived for us most likely because the second floor of the museum is not accessible and the house was closed.

 The first floor of the museum is accessible. I don't know if the house is accessible. 

The parking lot is large enough for any RV. The dirt access road is in good condition but is very dusty. Park  42.95698, -101.67732


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  1. Nebraska, huh? Well, maybe we'll wander thru there and we might even stop! :-)