Monday, November 21, 2022

Pennyroyal Area Museum

Located in the old 1915 post office, this museum is one large room with nicely done exhibits that cover a wide range of subjects. Displays include: tobacco growing and curing, pioneer household items, African American history, conflicts in the early 1900s because tobacco monopolies were forcing prices for cured tobacco so low that people could not make a living, the life of Edgar Cayce who supposedly could diagnose illness by giving physic readings, and even the story of a family who had visitors from outer space!
The accessible entrance is on Liberty Street. There's a buzzer to push for access but it may not work so bring your phone to call. The museum is accessible.

We parked in the museum lot which is rather small. Large RVs can be parked on 9th Street, across from the main entrance. Museum  36.86452, -87.48765


  1. Some of this sounds kind of wacky, but since we don't plan on visiting Kentucky in our travels, we can let this one go.