Friday, November 18, 2022

Angel Mounds State Historic Site

Angel Mounds is a Native American village site inhabited from AD 1100 to AD 1450. It was a political, cultural, and economic center with thirteen earthen mounds, hundreds of homes, and up to 1,000 inhabitants. A prolonged drought, over hunting, and depletion of the forest may have contributed to it being abandoned.
An excellent interpretive center on the site details the excavations conducted from 1939 to 1964 which uncovered 2.3 million archaeological items. The findings of the archeologists provided information about daily life and special ceremonies. More than four miles of trails loop around the main village site.

The museum is accessible. The concrete walkway to a view of the village site is accessible. All of the trails are rough, mown grass which is difficult to push through. The walkway has a drop off to the paths.
Any size RV will fit in the lot if parked across the spaces. Angel Mounds  37.94589, -87.45172


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