Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Chickahominy WMA

  Some wildlife management areas in Virginia allow vehicle camping but it takes a while to figure out the rules. Camping is free with a pass and is permitted for 14 days however a day pass is required for each day and every person at the campsite needs a pass. A day pass is four dollars. A yearly pass is only $23. All of the passes are available online.

  We stayed at Chickahominy for two days. The first day we camped in a grassy clearing a bit north of the Morris Creek Boat Ramp but the next day we noticed that the road going to Jamestown hugs the border of the wildlife area and small parking areas are tucked into the forest. They are easy to spot because each has a wood information board with all of the rules. We did not venture down the barricaded road for a walk in the woods because of hunting season but other times of year it looks like it would be a great place to explore.  Chickahominy  37.30113, -76.89926


  1. Why can I not make something work with "Chickahominy?"
    Iyatollah Chickhomeini? Chick-fil-homin-a? Hominy chicks would a wood chick chuck?

    Help me; this has potential.