Thursday, December 30, 2021

Bonnet Carre Spillway Camping

 The spillway is managed by the Corp of Engineers with twenty acres that border the water owned by the St. Charles Parish Parks and Recreation. This site is mainly used by local people for fishing and boating. It has fishing piers, a boat launch, a pavilion with tables, and porta-potties. There are 15 campsites with picnic tables and trash cans. Camping is free but an application must be sent either by email of regular mail. We applied by email and didn’t receive anything except a canned answer days after we had already left the area. No problems camping at the site though.
 We camped in site 6 because we wanted solid ground after recent rains. The campers in the sites next to us had a lot of stuff scattered around. They had obvious been there longer than the 14 day limit but were very quiet and kept to themselves. I think they may have been refuges from Hurricane Ida.
  Sites 10-15 are located farther away from the main area and we probably would have moved there if we had stayed longer to be out of way of the day visitors. Sites 1-5 are on on low ground and were soggy when we visited.
 There’s also a mountain bike trail that seems to be popular.
 None of the sites are designated as accessible but most are usable. The fishing piers are barrier free. We attempted to walk/roll around the small lake but were stopped at the west end by water filled potholes and a muddy road.  Camping  30.02133, -90.40981


  1. Most of that entire area is soggy ground ... good that you found some terra firma!

    1. It seems like a good place to stay if you want to visit New Orleans. As long as it's not raining! :-D