Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Ebey Waterfront Trail

  A trail sandwiched between the interstate and the Marysville sewage treatment plant doesn’t sound very appealing but it’s actually very peaceful and beautiful. The trail runs along the Snohomish River and terminates at the recently restored Qwuloolt Estuary.
  The paved trail is 3.2 miles, out and back. It’s in excellent condition and completely accessible.
   RVs can be parked in the boat trailer spaces. We parked at farther end to leave the spaces closer to the water for boaters. Trail  48.04815, -122.17824



  1. OK, in the past, we've hiked trails linked to sewage treatment plants, and each time our noses confirmed where we were. How about this one?

    1. Very little odor on this trail. Maybe we had a good wind blowing away from us.