Friday, September 13, 2019

Frontier Village & Big Buffalo

   The buffalo, which was made of concrete in 1958 by a local art instructor, is 26’ tall and weighs 60 tons. Quite an undertaking!
   The dead-end road to the buffalo is lined with relocated and specially constructed buildings to form a frontier village. Many buildings are sponsored by a local group or Individual and the exhibit presentation is uneven.
   The path to the big buffalo is paved and accessible. The boardwalks that run along the fronts of the buildings have ramps but only in a few places so backtracking is necessary. Many of the buildings have high thresholds. Access to the village would be difficult without assistance.

   RVs can be parked in the National Buffalo Museum lot or at the end of the street near the buffalo when it’s not busy. Buffalo  46.88931, -98.6998


  1. I almost had a heart attack, seeing you sitting beneath that giant buffalo! :-)