Thursday, June 22, 2017

Oregon State Psychiatric Hospital Museum


  The hospital which was built in 1883 using prison labor was the setting for the movie One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest.  Each actor shadowed a patient, even going as far as sleeping in the wards. Some of the patients worked as crew members.


   Although the hospital was considered superior to previous hospitals by the early 21st century it suffered from overcrowding and lack of maintenance. Treatment of patients was often inhumane. In 2011 an extensive restoration and expansion of the hospital was completed which included an area for the museum. The museum tells the history of psychiatric treatments and the stories of patients and hospital employees. Artifacts from different eras are on display including some of the props from the movie.




   Follow the sidewalk to the right side of the museum entrance to the accessible entrance. The museum staff must be notified so that the door to the wheelchair lift is opened. The museum exhibits are accessible.

  The museum parking spaces are short. Our 25’ RV fit but anything longer will not.  Museum   44.93946, -123.00549



  1. I guess there is a museum for anything, even for some sad way we treated our mentally ill. I am having problems with Google in that I can't post comments to my blog. Also I can't update my maps or start new maps. I just wish you could talk to a at Google. I hate waiting time to do online searchs. Anyway getting back to your post We would pass on this museum, because as kids we had a hospital like this in our area. The stories were terrible. Yet people made fun of our mentally ill. This was way back in the 50's. Sad.sad.

    1. Google is so frustrating because they are so user unfriendly and there's really no way to get problems fixed. Hope you find a solution to everything.

      The museum was surprisingly candid about the problems they have had over the years but, you're right, the treatment of mentally ill people is sad.

  2. My gosh, I don't know how you guys find places like this! Although, of course, you Google sights to see, museums to visit, etc. This would be a stretch for a lot of people.

    1. I love visiting these unusual little museums - never know what you'll find!