Monday, April 18, 2016

Sedona Wetlands Preserve

   The wetlands are a series of six small ponds with different depths to provide a wide range of habitat. They’re filled with treated water from the nearby waste water reclamation plant. A large variety of birds visit the wetlands. We’re not birders so we weren’t looking closely but the ones that we did see were common red winged black birds and several different species of ducks.

  The trail around the first pond is hard packed, finely crushed stone and is easy to roll along. The other trails are surfaced with large, loose gravel so wheelchair users will probably need to have help.
  The entrance road is single lane with a couple of pull offs to allow passing of oncoming traffic. The parking lot is large enough for RVs.

  Sedona is surrounded by national forest but there are some restrictions on camping due to the large amount of visitors. Check here for more information. We boondocked at a well used spot along 89B on top of the hill with nice views of the red buttes. This spot is large enough for any RV. We didn’t go farther down the road but reports indicate that it gets narrow and rough.

Wetlands  34.83005, -111.89446   Camp   34.81179, -111.89416
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  1. Your first photo is beautiful. Nice that the city has made wetlands out of their treated water; good for the birds, people, and environment.

    1. This might be a trend. Clark County Wetlands near Vegas is really nice. It's like a park. The Sedona Wetlands is pretty but the ponds are still recognizable as part of the waste water treatment system - rectangles of water with roads around them. No smell though! :-)