Saturday, April 23, 2016

Montezuma Well

  The well is a large sink hole created when a limestone cave collapsed. A spring pumps out 1,500,000 gallons of water a day which eventually escapes through a natural outlet. Almost 3,000 years ago the Sinagua people began building canals from the outlet to their fields and some of that original canal is still in use today.

  Due to steep grades and steps the site is not wheelchair accessible. We walked/rolled along the paved path starting at the end marked with an exit sign. The first section is fairly level. The path is very steep after the outlet location. With the help of a strong pusher it’s possible to reach the rim of the sink hole. We did not go farther because the trail becomes very rough and uneven before looping back to the parking lot. Able bodied visitors can walk to the bottom of the sinkhole. A small cliff dwelling is visible near the top.
  The parking lot is small. RVs will fit  parked across the spaces or by backing in.
Well    34.64893, -111.75438
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  1. I have a question & is, wouldn't a 4-wheeled scooter provide more freedom for you to explore hard to reach places ? it's just a thought.

    My regards.

    1. A scooter would make some places easier to explore but I'm not sure how steep of a grade they can handle. We don't have room for one in our little motorhome but things will probably change as we get older so a scooter may be a good solution.

  2. You guys find the neatest places, and this is one of them!

    1. It's fun going to all of the little, less known and less visited places!